Why You Should Start Baby Sleep Training Early to Avoid CIO

sleep train

Baby sleep training or Crying it Out Methods have become topics of contention in online mommy wars. In my most humble opinion, many in the opposing category tend to take crying it out or sleep training to the extreme. Arguing that it isn’t natural to sleep train. It is just downright cruel to place a baby in their crib and walk away, while baby screams, and expect baby to peacefully go to sleep.

I don’t think any parent literally drops their baby in a crib, places a light kiss on their forehead, and casually walks out waving adios as baby screams with eyes that plead for one last cuddle.

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Parenting: Before & After the Internet


How did we survive before the internet? Certainly our parenting was far more driven by our own intuition than by that of our good friend Mr. Google. I suppose there were those things called parenting books that people could read.

“You are so lucky to have the internet,” my mom will often tell me. This is after I express to her that I’m refusing to give my kid juice before middle school because I’ve read somewhere on the internet that it’s a no-no. Or that my toddler won’t be wearing a winter jacket in her car seat because I’ve now seen the 12th video on how it could one day save her life.

How did this information get communicated so quickly before? Beats me.

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A Lesson in Judging Other Moms | Real Life Guilt


This post was featured on Netmums.com

It has been a month since my last post. Life has gotten pretty busy – as they do.

Then this happened the other day. And I felt the urge to write about it.

I went to the park by our house for the 1000th time. It was one of those particularly repetitive days of motherhood. You know the ones.

Baby, Toddler, and I walked up to the park and headed for the swings. Consistently, the first stop on every trip to the park.

I catch the eye of the only other mom there, with her two toddlers and a baby strapped to her chest.

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Where’s the #famjamlinky This Week?

Okay, friends. Thanks for stopping by, but we (Handbags & Snot Rags and I) have decided to take a break from the #famjamlinky.

I originally created this blog at the start of my maternity leave (for baby #2) because I wanted a hobby for myself. I wanted something outside of my family life that was just for me. In the absence of work, I also wanted to have something that kept my brain going a little.

So things started out great. I wrote some posts that I was proud of. I shared my stories, what I was going through, and what projects I was working on. 59 posts and 10 weeks of hosting a linky later; I’m feeling the drag.
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#FamJamLinky | Link Up Your Family Posts #10

We have reached double digits with the #famjamlinky! Link up your family related posts about your kids, yourself, parenting, tough times, good times, everyday times! Handbags & Snot Rags and I cohost this linky every Wednesday.

Favourite post from last week was by Nikki of the View From In Here who wrote a bit about social media and Instagram, with a blogging focus. She has a couple other great social media posts for bloggers if you are interested.

As for my week: With a little inspiration from Nikki’s post last week, I actually started using my Instagram account! Big news right? I didn’t really see the appeal before but it’s definitely growing on me. Since I don’t post pictures of my kids on social media, I find it hard to know what to put on there!

On to the linky:
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We Used to Cuddle Before Smart Phones


What is the last thing you do before going to bed? Give your significant other a kiss? Quick cuddle? Chat until you feel like falling asleep, then separate to your respective sides of the bed and fall asleep?

That’s how we used to do it. Before our smart phones became our cuddle buddies.

I was quite late in the game to join the smart phone party. I got my first one only this year after my trusty Blackberry of 5 years crashed on me. It had sketchy internet at best. No Facebook. No apps. Just texting and sometimes Google Maps if you really wanted to take your time and work at it.

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Christmas Crafts for Toddler in September


Before you judge me, I must tell you that I strongly suggested to Little N that we partake in some Halloween crafts and she unexpectedly suggested we go with Christmas crafts instead. Even though I feel September is a little early for even Halloween, I had seen a few Halloween crafts on twitter (@midwifeandlife & @gloryiscalling), and thought, you know what, I can do this!

Regardless, N insisted on Christmas crafts. I couldn’t really complain, I love Christmas. I also didn’t have orange paint or any other Halloweenie craft supplies on hand. But that’s neither here nor there.

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