Day in the life: Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster

I have these two kids. One is a very strong willed, emotional toddler. One is two months old. And all day long, I am an emotional roller coaster.

In the morning, I get up before them to eat and collect my thoughts. It also gives me time to prepare snacks for the day for when we go to the park or the store. If I prepare said snacks when my toddler is awake, she will have a panic attack/massive meltdown if she doesn’t get said snack until ‘snack time’ when we are out and it can entertain her (even if this is happening directly after a huge breakfast). Sigh.

Once the kiddos are up, I’m feeling good because I’ve had my alone time. I make breakfast for toddler while juggling the baby and I feel like supermom because toddler hasn’t had a meltdown yet and is saying ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ quite well.

We make it to the end of breakfast and I’m starting to think this day will go pretty well. I’m only slightly worried as I leave toddler to go upstairs and attempt to put baby down for a nap. Toddler quickly realizes mommy is not paying attention to her and the loud whining and throwing self on the ground ensues: “Mommmmyyyyyyyy, Mamamamamamamamamma.” My toddler does not have an inside-voice. Well that doesn’t work too well for a sleeping baby.

This is when a mommy-melt down starts. I soon give up trying to get baby to ‘fall asleep on her own’ and decide to feed her instead (what’s the point of teaching baby to sleep anyways? It’s not like it would be fan-frigen-tastic to sleep through the night or anything).

At this point my blood is just about past the boiling point. I don’t even want to look at my toddler, but she is crawling all over me trying to do my hair (more like pulling it) while I am feeding baby. Can I just not be touched for one second? I start texting my husband telling him how I’m exhausted and I’m basically giving up on being a mom of two. Would it be too much to just give them away for a little bit?

I manage to get everyone in the stroller for a play date at the park. Only after baby has completely thrown up her entire meal on me and toddler has dumped all her shoes onto the floor to find just the right pair. At least there were no meltdowns getting her jacket on.

I’m starting to feel a little bit better after I grab a tea at Starbucks. Somehow it is more therapeutic to have that tea in my hand than people may realize.

To the park we go – my toddler heads for the swings and starts laughing hysterically at how much fun she is having. Boy, that laugh sure warms my heart.

We get back home from the park tear free. Only a little bit of bribery was used to get toddler back in the stroller (this is where the snack came in handy). Baby is sleeping so I’m feeling a little better. But the emotionally draining morning is still lingering so I frantically call my mom to see if she can come and help out (meanwhile I’m thinking to myself how come I can’t seem to survive a day with my kids? Aren’t there mom’s out there who have 3 or 4 or 5 kids? How can they possibly handle it?). So as I’m asking my mom to come over and I don’t feel like supermom at all.

Now it’s time for toddler’s nap. This is a sensitive time. It requires great skill and mastery to trick toddler into getting her PJ’s on and into bed. So I ask her which jammies she wants to wear in hopes it will distract from the fact that she actually has to nap. It kind of works and she chooses the green pair and has small screaming fit about putting it on – but feels better that she got to choose it. I then very happily crawl into bed with her like it’s the best place on earth and start singing her a song to distract her from the fact that this is indeed nap time. It seems to work and I crawl out of the room.


I start to feel a bit like supermom again so I phone my mom back and tell her we’ll be fine, no need to come help me today.

I’d consider that a decent morning. Toddler has slept for three hours now so I feel my supermom powers are sufficiently recharged. Toddler gets up and gives me a big hug and kiss all on her own. I’m so in love with her. Then baby gets up and those soft little chubby cheeks are so kissable and she starts smiling at me with that big I’m-still-learning-how-to-smile grin. Melt my heart already. I just love them.

Looks like I have survived one more day… It’s not really about having good days and bad days with kids…it’s more like good hours and bad hours! Can anyone relate?

Domesticated Momster

3 thoughts on “Day in the life: Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster

  1. It’s rough being a mom sometimes…oh who am I kidding…it’s most of the time. None of my kids rarely nap unless they conk out from exhaustion. Yesterday I got 2 of 3 out at the same time and it was like heaven. Thanks so much for sharing with #momstermondays!

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  2. I can remember those days. I thought I would never get through it, and never have a good day again. Good news, this stage does end. You will get through it. I promise! Now that I am past that stage and I can see it does eventually end, I feel so much better. In fact I am planning to have two more babies, starting with one this year. It is so nice to be able to read a blog that I can relate to. I wish I had discovered these blogs when I had a toddler and baby, so I wouldn’t think I was the only one!


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