My everyday lunch: quick salad that satisfies all your foodie cravings

Looking back when I had only one kid to look after, I really felt like I was so busy and had no time. But I realize now with two that I realllyyyy have no time.

And I’m always hungry. The breastfeeding hunger pains I call ’em (still breastfeeding my 3 month old). So, I’ve started making an everyday-lunch that satisfies all my cravings (salty, sweet, tangy).


It helps make sure that I’m not reaching for a million snacks (cause lets be honest, snacking is where it’s at when you are on the go/time-restrained).

This salad not only tastes good, but it looks pretty so I don’t feel like I’m eating something boring. I have always felt like I needed bread to feel full but this salad really does the trick. For me, it’s about satisfying ALL my hunger needs, including: looking pretty, being warm (for some reason I feel a lot fuller/more satisfied if I’ve had something warm for lunch), having all the food groups, PLUS having that added fruit which provides the sweetness so you aren’t diving into chocolates after. Although…you see those two chocolate covered pretzels in the photo… I may have eaten a few more of them things. Like 3 or 4. Okay, okay 5 of them.

But anyways, I used to feel like making a salad was wayyy too time consuming. But if you have 4.5 minutes (or the time it takes to cook an egg), then you have the time to make this salad. Start by cooking the egg, then, throw the lettuce in the bottom of the bowl (I buy a pre-made mixture of lettuce/spinach), cut up an apple, cucumber, avocado and some tomatoes, shred the cheese, add some balsamic, and by the time you are done that, the egg is cooked and you are ready to eat! (and I only used one cutting board for the prep which = no dishes = mommywin)


Recipe (I’m not really putting measurements because you can choose how much/little of each based on how much you like the item)

1 apple (or any fruit you have on hand. I have used a pear, some strawberries, an orange, etc)
1 tomato or cherry tomatoes
Some cucumber
Couple shreds of any cheese
1/2 avocado
1 or 2 fried eggs
Handful of lettuce or spinach
I added some ham today since I had it on hand but I usually omit the meat.
Add some balsamic to the top for dressing.

This would also be great for a lunch on-the-go or at work (just boil the egg instead of frying it). I actually told my Dad he needs to get on this salad-for-lunch-dealio as it seriously will keep him full and help avoid reaching for fattier items like muffins! (I am trying to get him off muffins bad: #killthemuffins #nomoremuffins #itslikeeatingcake) <— sometimes it feels easier to express myself with hashtags? What’s with that?



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