Mommy/pregnancy brain: I can’t remember anything….


To give you an idea of how bad my mommy brain is:

During a 4am feed a few nights ago, I thought of writing about some of the silly things my sleep-deprived self has been doing lately (aka mommy brain). And for the following few days, I couldn’t remember what I wanted to write about! It took me two days to remember that I wanted to talk about this. TWO DAYS! OMG.

So clearly, I am having some serious memory problems since the second bubs came along.

Some of the silly things I have done (or forgotten about):

1. Went to pour orange juice into my cereal…

2. Loaded the kids and baby gear (stroller, diaper bag, etc…basically everything but the kitchen sink) into the car. Started the car up and could not remember if i had locked the front door. I sat there for a couple minutes visualizing leaving the house/getting the kids ready and I could not remember for the life of me if I had locked the door.

3. Brought a chair into the house from the back porch. A couple minutes later I made a mental note that it felt really cold and drafty in the house. Then realized I had left the back door to the porch open. Completely forgot to close it.

4. I hid the soothers from my husband and later couldn’t remember where I had hid them (he always wants to give baby the soother and I am a bit anti-soother dependency..long story).

5. About two weeks post-birth, we went through the Tim Horton’s drive-through and I started to cry when they handed me my donut. Why? Because they had given me the wrong one. Not because it was their mistake, but because I had told them the wrong donut. I literally cried tears.

6. While at the store, baby was getting a little fussy sitting in her car seat (stroller). So I loosened the straps of the seat belt so I could get her out. She ended up quieting down before I could pick her up so I just left her in the seat. Left the store and drove home. Then realized I had forgotten to tighten the straps back up! You can imagine how horrified I was.

There are more…but go figure, I just can’t seem to remember them. As you can tell, I am feeling pretty out of it! Apparently, this site says the fogginess/forgetfulness could last up to a year after birth! Oh boy.

Hopefully by the time I go back to work I will feel like a normal human being with a working memory/brain. Although, it is nice to have an excuse for some of the stupid things I do!

Please share your mommy brain moments with me in the comments below so I don’t feel so bad about my forgetfulness 🙂

And then the fun began...


2 thoughts on “Mommy/pregnancy brain: I can’t remember anything….

  1. Oh the things I’ve done! I did actually go out with the kids once leaving the front door wide open (and we live on a busy main road!). Fortunately a kind neighbour came over and pulled the door shut for us! I’m continually losing my keys too. I’m not sure if the brain fog ever completely goes away… Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout Ashley X

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