I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Until 16 Weeks


I carried a child in my belly for over 4 months and didn’t even know it. I had weekends of drinking, lots of rigorous exercise, and all the foods that you ‘aren’t supposed to eat while pregnant.’ My life went on as normal even though a life was growing inside of me.

Before you think, “how the heck does this girl not know she is pregnant,” let me tell you the story…..

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Pituitary Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). Doc told me that this was a precursor to diabetes and that getting pregnant may be difficult or likely impossible. She suggested eating a low-glycemic diet to manage blood sugar. And I thought to myself, whooaaa whoa whoa, I have to change my diet (to someone who has never been on a diet in their life)? I not only hated the idea of changing my diet forever, but this diagnosis took away my choice to have a baby. I’ve never desired to have children, in fact I often battled with this societal perception that women must have children, when I never really imagined my life with them. I like life responsibility-free. The thing is, I wanted that decision to be mine. I didn’t want to have no choice in the matter.

Over the next few years, I did change my diet and learned a lot about foods that spike your blood sugar. I lost 10 lbs almost by accident just by changing that one thing about my diet (which is roughly a BMI of 17 or 18). I also decided to get a second opinion on the diagnosis and after a few tests, the diagnosis was revoked, apparently I didn’t have PCOS at all.

The thing I’ll draw attention to here is the testing the doctor did to confirm this. I only get my period a couple times a year (which is why the one doc figured I would struggle to conceive). So when the Doc wanted to measure my hormone levels, she gave me some drugs to induce a period (essentially inducing an ovulation). The results indicated some abnormalities that suggested it may be difficult to conceive, but it wasn’t PCOS.

So, months go by after this testing. I didn’t get a period and that was no surprise. For several weeks I did feel a bit shaky and a little sick after eating. But nothing out of the ordinary. My boobs grew a bit but I thought it was because I was gaining a little weight since I was eating a bit more than I usually would (no surprise, you eat more = you gain weight).

Then, my mom came into town and told me I had a gut and that my boobs were huge, maybe I’m pregnant? Uhmmm, thanks Mom!! Only slightly offended, I begrudgingly took a pregnancy test more so to prove her wrong. I guess I was wrong, because that little stick told me I was pregnant! So, maybe I was 4 or 5 weeks along, still lots of time to digest this.

Boy was I wrong. We go to an ultrasound later that week to determine dates, and I was looking at a fully formed, 16 week old healthy fetus.

You can imagine how my heart dropped right out of my body when I saw this little baby in there. No wonder my pants felt tight – was I hurting the baby when I wore my jeans too tight? When I slept on the ground last week while camping, did it hurt the baby? How could I be 16 weeks?

When we thought back to what had happened 16 weeks ago, we realized it was because of the drugs that induced an ovulation (coupled with my partner (boyfriend at the time) not-being-too-careful if you know what I mean). We didn’t know that the drugs for the testing would make me extra fertile.

That, my friends, is how you have a pregnancy lasting only 5 months long! Much better than 9 months! I now have a perfectly healthy 2 and a half year old who hasn’t experienced any problems.

Even though having my daughter wasn’t something I chose, I could not imagine my life any other way and I could not imagine loving something as much as I love her.

Maybe it was luck, but it just goes to show you how being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to change the way you live. Live life as normally as you can! ❤


7 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Until 16 Weeks

  1. Wowser! I would be fascinated to know what that was like. I imagine it would be a lot easier because you wouldn’t fight anything and just go with the flow of your body. Wonder when you wouldve caught on! Do you ever see those programmes about people that go the whole stretch?


  2. I kept telling my coworkers that I felt sick after eating and we chalked it up to low blood sugar – had no idea I was pregnant! I truly don’t understand how you can last the full 9 months without knowing though (like on the programmes: “I didn’t know I was pregnant”)…I mean the belly gets huge and all those kicks! They are pretty strong 🙂


  3. This happened to me! I was on long term contraceptive injections, living with my partner, just bought a house to rennovate. Started to feel unwell and came down with a viral illness which was eventually diagnosed as whooping cough. I was working crazy hours to help finance the work on the house and then the dr called to say some abnormalities had shown on my tests and had i considered if I may be expecting a baby! Tests confirmed I was indeed pregnant and we headed in for a dating scan – 15 weeks +4. It was a shock to find out I was expecting, let alone that I had gone all this time not knowing. Like you I had eaten, drank, enjoyed travel & usual exercise. I was quite worried but so far so good. 30 weeks with a healthy pregnancy.


  4. It’s so interesting to hear other peoples’ stories about not knowing they were pregnant! And how shocking was it to see a fully formed itty bitty baby in your belly at the dating scan, eh? Every subsequent pregnancy feels absurdly long after an experience like this 🙂 Enjoy!


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