Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden Pots

DIY Pots

Herbs smell really, really good, and they also look pretty. So why not grow them in your house all year round! That way it can look pretty and save you money (it costs just as much to buy the plant as it does to buy a few leaves for a recipe).


This DIY project is fairly quick if you don’t have much time on your hands. Most of my DIY’s take weeks and weeks. Sometimes they are sitting around the house for months because I can’t actually find the time to get them done.

This is how I plan my DIY’s to go: Step 1) decide on project, Step 2) work on project during kids nap times and after kids are asleep for the night.

This is how they actually go: Step 1) decide on project, Step 2) during nap: take 30 minutes to run frantically around the house putting things away, doing dishes, throwing some laundry in, prepping the dinner, and making myself look half decent. Take 10 minutes to set up items for project (ie. paint, etc). Spend 10 minutes working on project only to realize one of the kids is up already. Spend 10 minutes putting away project. Scratch trying to do it during nap times, I’ll just do the project after they are asleep at night. Reality: Once they are asleep I’m so tired I just crash myself. Repeat.

Therefore, quick Mommy-Style-DIY is where it’s at.


Step 1) Buy Terra Cotta Clay Pots (with drainage hole in bottom). The small ones are nice for herbs you don’t use as much, like oregano and chives. Then I used bigger pots for parsley, basil and spinach (I know spinach is not a herb, I just felt like growing it to throw in smoothies or something).

Step 2) Line the rim of pot with painters tape (or you can free hand it, but I wasn’t so skilled)


Step 3) Paint one coat of black paint. It dries super fast which is why I could get this project done in a few days.

(TIP: This first coat in is just a basic acrylic dollar store paint because it’s cheaper than chalkboard paint and provides good coverage so you don’t have to use as much of the expensive stuff for the same effect!)

Step 4) Paint another two coats with black chalkboard paint (paint one coat horizontal and one coat vertical). I only let it dry a couple hours between coats.

Step 5) Remove painters tape while the paint is still wet on final coat.

Step 6) Write the name of the herb on the pot with chalk board pen. (TIP: I highly suggest using a chalkboard pen rather than normal chalk. A LOT easier. And to write on the pots prior to planting the herbs)

Step 7) Plant the herbs in the pots!


I will be making a holder for the pots soon to bring them indoors after the summer is over. They are outside for now, but I’m looking forward to having them inside for that yummy smell.

I also do not have a green thumb at all. If anyone has any tips on how to keep these babies (the plants, not my actual babies…har har) alive, let me know!

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