New Items for Toddler Room (DIY Table Makeover)

I found this adorable little table at a garage sale for $20! I envision it in baby “M’s” room, my 3 month old.

There is something about setting up her room ‘just so’ to emulate that beautiful baby/toddler room (think Pinterest) before it either (1) gets destroyed by little hands, or (2) gets destroyed by child wanting it to reflect her decisions and not yours. So, I will relish in the chance I still have to pretty up her room the way I want to.

The table needed some TLC so I gave it a coat of white paint and spray painted the hardware black. It’s imperfect in a lot of ways but that adds to the character.



You just don’t find cute tables like this anymore! At least you don’t if you almost solely shop at Ikea….

I also wanted to pair it with this chevron toddler chair and possibly make some type of reading corner with shelving.

So far that’s all I have for her room! Other than her crib and change table which won’t be in there forever….


2 thoughts on “New Items for Toddler Room (DIY Table Makeover)

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