6 Simple Toddler Breakfast Meal Ideas


My little girl ‘N’ is not a picky eater, and most days, she could probably eat me under the table. No joke. I’ve put together some of her favourite breakfast meals below.

Most of the food items are cut fairly big (ie. a whole banana) because she prefers it that way.

In fact, almost everyday she sits in her seat at the table and yells over at me, “Mom, don’t cut it cause I want to bite it” in her cute little 2 and a half year old way.

So, she likes to bite her food (although sometimes the entire thing gets stuffed in her mouth instead – we’re working on that). And, if she doesn’t feel like that the piece of food was big enough, there may or may not be an angry toddler tantrum.

Sometimes I have to explain to her that some foods just come smaller…..so, here we go!

Whole grain toast with peanut butter, a banana, some strawberries

An egg fried in water, chunks of cheese, chopped tomatoes, an orange, and some grapes she can pick off the vine herself.

(I used to cut her grapes in half but I saw another mom give her kid the whole vine and thought, wow, what a good way to keep them occupied when we are out – plucking them things off the vine takes skill and time! Bonus!)

Red river cereal mixed with oats milk and frozen berries.

Boil half portion red river and half portion oats for about 5 minutes on the stove (until you get a thick consistency), then add frozen berries while it’s still on the element so that the berries don’t cool down the cereal too much. Pour in a bowl and top with milk.

Dutch pancake with apples and icing sugar. This is much simpler and less time consuming than it looks.

I got this recipe from WhatsUpMoms (I love them!), here, with one addition: I added sliced apples to the batter just before baking.

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, half a banana, strawberries & raspberries, scrambled egg cooked in water.

Last but certainly not least, WAFFLES! These things happen in our house every single weekend. It is the one meal my husband is in charge of making and he has the recipe completely memorized (I know, I trained him well). Recipe here…


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