Do I Tell My Toddler ‘No’ Too Often?

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Sometimes I wonder if ‘no’ is said too often in our household. (This is motherhood, second guessing is our nature).

Everyday I see myself reach my limit. Do I get mad at her too often? She is only two and a half, after all.

Is it really that big of a deal if she spilled flour all over the floor when we made cookies, or how she gave me a hug while rubbing her hands all over my pants directly after eating spaghetti, or how she had a meltdown because there weren’t enough bubbles in the bubble bath, or how she screamed when I tickled her and she woke the baby.

Should I really be so quick to sush her or tell her no?

I mean, these are the moments that make up her childhood. Maybe I am stuck in my adult life of wanting things clean and keeping inside the lines.

The worst part is, if I lose my cool, she doesn’t even bat an eye. She smiles an even wider grin than before. How does she stay so darn happy despite my best attempt at a stern voice?

That little munchkin. She outsmarts me once again with those squishy checks just staring up at me…..grrr!

At the end of the day, I have to constantly keep my perspective. She’s not going to be running into my arms forever.

I am told I will miss these years. And, believe me, I totally will and I already do.

But the day by day crap, that’s the hard stuff.

All I want is a little more sleep….a little alone time….more than 30 seconds to scarf down my lunch…a bit of silence to finish my TV show…a couple minutes to make sure I have deodorant on and a shirt without baby puke on it. And, if I’m asking for things, a couple mins to go to the bathroom by myself would be a real slice.

So just give me a little cred to miss those simple things while I enjoy my babies and their never-ending question periods, messy hands, and beautiful carefree spirit (ie. Ain’t nobody tellin’ me I have to wear shoes)

I asked another mom at Starbucks with a two and four year old if those ages are any less busy than my two and a half and newborn stage. She said, ‘no, it’s worse’. Point blank. I’m scared.

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6 thoughts on “Do I Tell My Toddler ‘No’ Too Often?

    • Not sure when I pressed send mid sentence… At 5 and 7, compared to before , I feel like I’ve hit the teens… Is it really going to get worse? I get really upset with myself for telling them off but surely they will never learn if I laugh it all off ? Why can’t they see life would be better if they tidied their bedroom or just didn’t get it into such a state in the first place (she says with washing and to be ironed piles everywhere) really enjoyed your post, got here from #wineandboobs


  1. Every stage of a child, whether its new born or teen has its tough points. However, if you look at it in a positive way, it’s full of fun and joy and laughter,
    So relax, don’t be scared and enjoy the ride.
    Great post btw!!!


    • For sure! It’s like every stage is better than the last and comes with new rewards and new challenges! It is fun. It’s also fun to complain sometimes hehehe. Thanks for stopping by!


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