When Baby Cries, Baby Gets Hugs & Kisses & the Occasional Eye-Poke


Little feet. Sometimes I just want to eat them up. Literally take a bite of her chubby baby leg. Like butter her up and just take a nibble. Okay, just kidding, but does anyone else feel like their babies are just so squishy and yummy and smell so good?

Okay, off track.

My toddler ‘N’ likes to hug and kiss baby M when she is crying. She literally stops whatever she is doing and goes over to kiss M when she’s upset. It’s the most adorable sister love.

It’s when she’s not crying that things get a little dicey for baby M and I have to watch them like a hawk. She has been privy to the occasional eye-poke (N’s favourite), head-lick, head-bite (yes, N has tried to take a big bite out of her head) and nose-pick.

Baby M is surviving like a champ though and rarely gets upset by anything her sister does.

Couple cute things for baby M this past week:

– I was getting baby M ready for her bath and something amazing happened. I had started to do some raspberries on her soft little naked belly. And she did it. She laughed for the very first time!! She smiled and giggled!

My heart, oh my heart. It melted. And time stood still for a few seconds as I realized this is the last ‘first laugh’ I will hear. Can’t believe she will be almost 4 months old.

That was the first milestone of the week.

– I was about to change her diaper one morning when I realized she had a complete blow out. Nice. So I take her clothes off, leave her naked on the floor on her back, and run upstairs to grab a change of clothes.

I come back down. And she was on her belly. How’d she get on her belly? She rolled over. BY HERSELF. My little baby girl. I missed her first roll over. Sigh.

So, that was the second milestone of the week!

– And lastly, this happened:

slipping out of chair


She was in her rocker seat beside us at the kitchen table. She likes to sit there while we eat dinner so she can be part of the convo. Well, sometimes I don’t do up the seat belt. And, well, I look down and I see the back of her head instead of the front. Woops! She never even cried out that things were going wrong. I think she kind of enjoyed the adventure to be honest.

That’s all for her nearly 4 month update!

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9 thoughts on “When Baby Cries, Baby Gets Hugs & Kisses & the Occasional Eye-Poke

  1. My second baby is due next month and I am excited and nervous to see what my 2 year old’s reaction is. I can’t wait to see cute sibling moments but I’m sure there will be some eye poking too! Thanks for sharing with #sharethejoylinky


  2. I’m sure sometimes they like to practice new skills when we’re not watching, so there’s no pressure on them, haha! The first 2 times my son rolled over were when we were out of the room! Sounds like you’ve had a big week of milestones, exciting times! x


  3. I remember when L did that- made sure I strapped her in from then on haha!! Sad when you know it is the last first of something isn’t it? Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x

    Liked by 1 person

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