DIY Indoor Herb Garden


Ever since I potted these herbs in my DIY pots, I have definitely been using a lot of them in my cooking. Before, I would normally use a lot of dried herbs because I either forgot to get the fresh stuff at the store or I felt it was too expensive for one meal (and then I would tend to forget about them and it would be wilted in the fridge by the time I remembered to use it).

In other words, I’m absolutely loving having these fresh herbs around.

I finally created a lil’ stand that would keep them all together! It was pretty simple to make and required just a few supplies:

2 pieces of wood (one thinner, for the top, and one wider, for the bottom piece)


I got them to cut these pieces at the store to the size I wanted. Three pots across comes to around 17 or 18 inches. I then stained the pieces to be a darker colour and glued them together like the above picture.


Then, I added a decorative handle to the side like the above picture. It’s actually just a kitchen cabinet handle. And, I say ‘decorative’ because I had to glue it instead of screwing it in. Which means it can hold almost no weight. That was fine by me since, like I say, it was more of a decorative than a functional thing.


And now it holds all my pots! I have it behind my sink 🙂


By the way, I’m happy to say that almost all of the above herbs are still living after about a month of being potted!

The spinach was the only one to kick the can. Not sure why. I really have no idea about plants so I’m actually not surprised. I ended up putting more basil in that pot since I absolutely love cooking with it!


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