Mom, You Are My Hero

Dear, Mom

Dear Mom,

How did you survive three kids under two years old?

I know Father’s Day just happened, but I kind of missed thanking you on Mother’s Day. Sorry about that. I was too caught up with my own lil’ munchkins that I forgot to thank you for being my rock!

Thank you for carrying me and my brother in your tummy. I’m sorry for the stretch marks and the extra weight you put on carrying us twins.

Thank you for going through yet another c-section to bring us into this world. I can’t imagine how hard nursing twins was with a scar + running after my 18 month old brother.

Thank you for spending sleepless nights rocking and cuddling me to sleep. When I feel tired from being up with one infant, I just think of how hard it must have been with two!

Thank you for making sure I was in clean clothes and for doing the laundry when you could. And making sure you bathed me twice a day. Once in the morning, after being in a dirty diaper all night, and once before bed. I can’t find the time to bathe mine more than once a day! Bravo.

Thank you for all the meals you made for me. Even if I may have thrown it on the ground some days or maybe even right back at you. I really appreciate every single one of them.

Thank you for putting up with us kids while we threw tantrums at the grocery store or demanded to have chocolate bars as you were trying to pay (why do they even put those candies right near the checkout?)

Thank you for being there for me as I grew into a teenager. I’m not sure how you made it through those years but I think you are a champion for doing so.

Thank you for the guidance and support you showed during my first few years of university. You helped me find my way even though I didn’t know it at the time.

Thank you for teaching me how to cook so I could stop cooking macaroni in a box. Your cooking is the best.

Thank you for being there for me through the pregnancy and birth of my two little girls. They remind me that life is short and you should cherish every snuggle and fight through the exhausted haze of motherhood.

Thank you for being a great grandma to my girls. I know it probably seems like life went way too fast when you see their little faces looking up at you, as they remind you so much of me as a little girl.

Most of all, thank you for the unconditional love. I know your life changed dramatically with us kids in your life, and I want you to know, I really appreciate all you have done.

You are an inspiration to me every single day (mostly because you had twins + toddler and I have no idea how you did it…:)).

You’re the best, Mom!


Your daughter

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