Why You Should Document Your Kid’s Foot/Handprints (& How to Display)


I may be a little obsessed with documenting my kid’s footprints and handprints. There is just something so interesting about looking back at how tiny their little hands and feet were. I’m sure in 20 years I’ll wonder why the heck I wanted so many hand prints.

But for now, here is why I document my kid’s hand and foot prints:

  • They look cute lined up on a wall
  • you can create pictures out of them (like a tractor)
  • you can create words out of them (like Grow, Love, and Home)
  • you can marvel at how big your little ones hands and feet are getting. And remember just how tiny they were when they were fresh, brand new little humans.
  • it will be fun for your kids to have when they are older
  • they are very inexpensive (the canvas & paints are from the dollar store)
  • it’s an activity you can do with your kids (Little N gets overly excited when she gets to paint her hands and feet)
  • it’s something your kids ‘did’ and still looks pretty (sometimes we get ‘drawings’ sent home from daycare that literally look like they dropped a crayon on the paper and called it a day. I tend to put those in the recycling vs on my wall…:) – I’m a good mom, right?)
  • You can give them away as gifts


I plan on doing a print at least once a year until maybe 5 years old when their feet start to become not-so-cute. Or maybe they are still cute. I wouldn’t know, Little N’s are still cute chubbster toddler feet.





IMG_2186 IMG_2194

The solid ones are good for comparing year to year changes! I also plan on doing a “Home” one with the O as a handprint.

So, do you document your kids hand/foot prints?


23 thoughts on “Why You Should Document Your Kid’s Foot/Handprints (& How to Display)

  1. We did clay prints of both our boys hands and feet when they were 16 weeks old, these are hung up with paper cuts with our wedding date and a family tree in our stairwell. I also take a photo on the same date each month of both boys lying on the same playmat so that we can see how much they have grown. It’s a lovely momento.

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  2. Love this idea. I wanted to get a mould of my son’s feet when he was a baby but thought it’d just be another one of those things that collect dust. I wish I’d done more handprint canvases like you have though. Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks x

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  3. These are really cute. We tried a couple of times to do something similar but my wife is the crafty one on our house. I could not suck worse at making any time of art like this. I think I’m going to have to stick to pictures but I’ll show your blog to her and maybe she’ll feel inspired. #momsterslink


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