How the Story Really Goes Introducing Your Child to Your New Baby


I dreamed of the moment when my daughter would meet her baby sister. It would be magical. I had visions of the hospital room when big sister would timidly peer in at the new baby. Being shy at first, but curious. Maybe reaching out to touch baby or just staring at her in amazement. Then sitting with me to hold her and cuddle in and cherish the start of our four-person family.

Yah, it didn’t quite happen like that.

Here is how it really went down:

I push out Baby Sister M close to midnight on a Monday. Little N is with Grandma and we plan to have them visit the following day.

We wake up the next morning. Wait, we don’t ‘wake up’ because we never actually went to sleep. Turns out baby wanted to cry for literally 7 hours straight after birth.

We all finally fall asleep at 7am. I open my eyes about half hour later to a doctor, no, a trainee, staring at me. As soon as my eyes have opened he promptly asks how I am feeling and then leaves. What the F?! You just WOKE ME UP after being up 24 hours prior to the birth, then giving birth, then being up all night with crying baby and contraction-like pains from my uterus shrinking, and then having just fallen asleep, you ask me how I’m feeling?

Okay, I’ll get over it.

So, we get up and prepare for my parents and Little N’s arrival. I get the camera ready and then sit and marvel at this new little creation that only hours before had been in my belly.

I get a call from Grandma that they are almost at the maternity ward so I get up and wait at the entrance to the ward. I’m really excited to see my little girl and give her a big hug! I have this whole plan to give her lots of attention while visiting with the baby so she knows just how much we love her.

After all, we have been preparing for this moment for months. Explaining how baby is growing in mum’s tummy, talking about a new baby sister, etc. But do they really get that their little lives as they know it will very rudely and quickly change?

I see her coming down the hallway and I gear up for a big hug. No, that doesn’t happen. She just kind of saunters by me, more curious about the wall despite not seeing mum for the last few days.

We head back to the hospital room after I coax a tiny, split second hug from her. We walk inside and I steer Little N to the bassinet where her baby sister lies all swaddled up. She glances over, but is generally disinterested.

I’m not discouraged.

I scoop up baby M, sit on the bed with her and call over Little N to get a better look and to maybe even sit with Mummy! No, she’s not having any of that either. The bribing starts.

Commmmonnn, come sit with me and the baby

We can take a picture!

Want to see the baby?

Look at her little face! 

Little N, come here, I miss you!

Want some snacks?

Okay, that did it. Snacks always work. So she climbs up and sits with me. Now to get a picture. She’s already squirming away, I gotta make this fast!

We manage to snap one photo. On an iPhone. Not even with our brand new big expensive $700 camera.

My hopes of this magical picture that gets framed and displayed on the wall proudly as the moment we all fell in love with our new family completely dashed.

Little N gets off the bed. She’s already headed to the door, demanding Grandma make her some lunch.


The funny thing is. I still absolutely loved that moment no matter how ‘imperfect’ it was.

It wasn’t until a week or so after Baby M came home that Little N actually became interested in her. I think for a while she thought Baby M was a doll.

What was your sibling introduction moments like?

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48 thoughts on “How the Story Really Goes Introducing Your Child to Your New Baby

  1. Great post! With my second baby, my oldest was 20 months old and she was very intrigued and “helped” by covering the baby with all the baby blankets. When my third came home from the hospital in August, we stepped in the door and I had to run to the restroom and while I was in there with the baby, my parents came into the house with the two older kids (they had been watching them) and everyone ended up in the tiny bathroom. It was a super awkward but special moment in the loo. 😉

    I have a link-up going today through Wednesday.. you should stop by and share a post!

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  2. Aww – I don’t think it ever goes as expected! My second one decided to be born in a bit of a hurry. From the very first start of labour to birth was under an hour & the birth was recorded as 30 seconds by the paramedics. It was just after 7am & the paramedics arriving woke up my then 15 month old eldest. So daddy brought her into the bedroom & she was wandering in the background behind the paramedics when her baby sister was born! Then a paramedic gave her breakfast. So she thought the whole thing was great! #wineandboobs

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      • I was a little shocked! I shook so badly for so long afterwards (& always have low blood pressure) that I heard the paramedic tell midwives when they dropped me at hospital to make really certain I wasn’t bleeding internally! But,no, I was just surprised! 3 hours is quick too – nice afterwards that it was quick, isn’t it? Love your new linky! #famjamlinky


  3. That’s a very cute story. You’ll have loads more opportunities to use that expensive new camera. My daughter was 10 when my son was born. She was so excited for her new brother that she missed field day at school (the funniest day of the year) to come see him. She still talks about it haha. #wineandboobs

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  4. This is so funny. My kids are 8 years apart and my son was in love with his sister from the get go. But he was older and protective. I’ve never given thought to what a toddler feels when a baby comes into their lives! Definitely not like it is on the television or movies, is it? Thanks God for snacks! And you will have the iPhone photo to remember this always!

    BTW, congratulations!

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  5. I must admit (don’t hate me) it went a lot smoother at my end. Actually my eldest was impeccable but it was the daddy that ruined the moment. Having been separated from number 1 for 4 days (the longest I’d been without her) and drugged up with post c-section meds, I was a little emotional. Oh yeah and I’d JUST HAD A BABY so I was hormonal. Naturally I shed a few tears upon seeing my eldest. Hubby looked puzzled. Then he proceeded to tell me that in the car on the way to nursery that morning she’d said “Mummy gone”. That was it. Full blown water works from me on hearing this. You know what the silly sod of a husband said? “NOW why are you crying?” Pffffff.

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  6. It’s hard to get them interested in something until they’re ready! I had a pretty ‘Hallmark card’ moment introducing my two – my in-laws brought Little Miss 21 months to the hospital to meet her little bro and she ran towards us with arms outstretched – there was much laughing and tears of joy and eye-poking prevention 😉

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