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Thetoddler diaries
Written by: Toddler

1. Mum’s always on me for cleaning up my toys. But today I just don’t want to clean up my toys. So I just flat out refused to. But get this, mum actually tried to clean up for me and so I had to have a fit. Why is she touching my toys anyways?

2. Mum is trying to convince me to wear sunscreen, because, in all fairness, it is pretty hot out. I stealthily miss her attempt to slather it on my skin but she does manage to get a little on my cheeks. I’ve now hit the deep end. Moments later, I’m going to demand to wear sunscreen.

3. During me and mum’s walk to the coffee shop, I spot my snacks in the diaper bag. I know that I’m supposed to wait until we get to the coffee shop so we can all sit down together. But, I just really want my snack RIGHT NOW. I’m going to go for it. Mum caught me! She took away one of the two muffins. I’m upset. And now I’m upset because neither muffin is good enough.

4. One of my favourite things about today is seeing the garbage truck! Every time I see a truck or bus of ANY kind, I tell my mum. She really seems interested.

5. I really wanted to make cookies with mum today. I begged her all day. She finally helped me make them. Then I remembered I don’t like cookies.

6. Mum is making me fajitas for dinner tonight. I can see her trying to hide the veggies between the cheese. She warms it up so that the cheese just about hides the veg and they get stuck in there. But I know they are there. And I’m not having it. I will dissect that thing or I will demand a wrap instead. She ain’t hiding nothin’ from me.

7. After dinner, I lay down on the playmat with my sister. She’s still a baby and can’t really move. But she’s always grabbing at my hair and my toys. Mum and dad don’t seem to care but I tell her that it’s wrong to hit or pull. If mum won’t discipline my baby sister than I will.

That’s all for today’s escapades.

Handbags and Snot Rags

4 thoughts on “Toddler Diaries | Daily Escapades

  1. Love this! The rational (ahem) mind of a toddler! You love all the trucks and buses, right?? Mine is a nightmare if she sees her snacks in the bag too. Or, tbh, if she just sees the bag – she assumes there are snacks in it!

    Brilliant idea doing diaries from their point of view. x

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