Yes, My 5 Month Old is in 12 Month Clothing


My toddler has taken over the ‘mum’ role for Baby M. She shushes her, pats her belly when she’s crying, hugs her, gives her kisses, occasionally licks her head. That kind of stuff. The eye poking has generally stopped though which is good for baby. It’s definitely the kind of stuff I’m trying to catch on video for future laughs!

Little baby M is also not so little anymore. She still seems little to me but she’s over 18lbs of pure butter ball baby. That’s over 100th percentile for weight on the growth chart. That growth chart means nothing to me though. I say that because my babies were both too big to even be marked on the curve. And both were 100% breast fed. I’m not sure why we seem so abnormal in the chart-world!

And speaking of, I see nothing wrong with chubby babies! Funny enough, the hubs and I are both fairly skinny. We’ll often get comments about Little N like this:

“oh, she’s quite big for a 2 & half year old” or

“she’s sure sturdy”, or

“how much you feedin’ that kid”, or

“wow, she’s a big girl”

When I get these comments, I feel like very politely letting them know that SHE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU! Shall we start in on the weight complexes already? Silly people. Even for the 5 month old, my grandma was asking if I was feeding her too much! Ha….ha….not funny.

Anyways! Here’s the latest for baby M:

  • She’s doing push ups. Lots of ’em. Straightening her arms right out (while on her belly) and staying in that position. Lookin’ around. Babbling a bit.
  • very, very, very slowly….she has started to sleep a bit longer in the morning. She had started with waking up at 5am for quite a long time. Then 515, then 530, and this morning, she slept straight till 6am (from 8pm). Hallelujah! (but because I’m actually writing about it, tonight she’s going to wake up 3 times)
  • She started to roll over about a month ago. And for a couple weeks she would wake up crying because she’d roll onto her belly and couldn’t roll back over. Well, the task has been mastered. She is now a two-way-roller!
  • She has started to get upset when Little N takes a toy away from her! I’m actually quite surprised that it’s starting this early. It’s all about to blow up in my face isn’t it? All you moms of 2+ children out there – does it really start this soon!

That’s all for the mummy diaries!

The mummy diaries

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37 thoughts on “Yes, My 5 Month Old is in 12 Month Clothing

  1. My little one was chubbier that the others in our parenting classes but it just means there is more to nibble and blow raspberries on. My husband comments how his chubby dimpled thighs are just like my own…..although I must point out that he does not nibble or blow raspberries on mine. That would just be weird! 🙂 #wineandboobs

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  2. When my kiddies were still babies, they’re born big and chunky too, my first born looks like a 3month old already even if he was just newly born, but now he looks like a normal size. Their more cuddlier tho when they’re that chubby! #bestandworst

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  3. I’d rather my children were chunky than too small and not eating enough. I also think you can tell the difference between a large child (in lack of a better word) and a child that is being overfed. My daughter was on the 75th percentile when she was born and people used to say she was large and chunky. I hated it, purely because of being a larger child (never fat, just bigger) growing up and I didn’t want her going through what I went through. Now she’s on the 50th percentile and everyone comments on how slim she’s become. We should let children be children and stop worrying about their sizes! Sorry for the massive comment, I have a lot to say about this subject – maybe I should blog about it 😉 Anyway it sounds like she’s doing really well! Thanks for hosting #famjamlinky

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    • I totally agree! My first was born in 50th percentile then went to over 100th percentile by 6 months. Then after crawling and walking she went back to 50th percentile and we were sent to a nutritionist! Then she went back up to 100th percentile and absolutely nothing was wrong. We should just throw out all the charts and measuring and comparing! Now that she understands whats going on I just don’t want her to start noticing her weight or anything at such a small age because it just doesn’t matter, ya know!

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  4. People always have far too much to say about other people’s parenting – either you’re feeding them too much or they’re not eating enough (according to the wise, opinionated ones) Like if you have a blanket on them someone will say they must be warm, but if you take it off someone else will take pity on the poor chilly darling! With everyone sticking in their two penneth, you just can’t win!
    Thanks for hosting #famjamlinky
    x Alice

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  5. Argh I hate when people make comments like that, so unhelpful. And babies are supposed to be deliciously squidgy and chubby anyway. As soon as they start moving, it drops right off. Besides baby/child clothes sizes are just wildly random! #bestandworst

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  6. Those percentile charts are annoying! My two were born surprisingly tiny (given I am 5’11”), so when my eldest started to jump up from her birth percentile some health visitors made a bit of a fuss. Others were more sensible & just called it genetic correction, as she jumped up the length percentiles too, & if she stayed on her birth lines she would be petite, which you would not expect from tall parents. So silly to worry about these things.

    So sweet when toddlers mummy babies, isn’t it? #famjamlinky

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    • I agree, I really feel they need to throw all this comparing and measuring out the window. I understand it’s useful in some cases but if the toddler is healthy and happy and generally reaching milestones then screw it! Thanks for linking 🙂


  7. I sure wish they’d label clothes like diapers – by weight and not age! My kids have been on the larger side too and we got the same comments! One public health nurse actually said (accusation style) “We have to talk about his weight” and my husband had to jump in and reply before I said something like, “is that what *your* doctor says?”. Oops! Don’t make me get all mamabear! #famjamlinky

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  8. Brilliant. My 9 month is still
    In some 0-3 month old clothes so hi from the other end of the centile chart 🙂 we get lots of comments about how tiny she is, was she prem (no), which all add to my anxiety about trying to get milk and food into this fussy eater. She’s doing great though so that is the main thing. Xxx MMT


  9. Awww, I quite often get that mine is a chunk! I think all babies look gorgeously chunky at somepoint though and it’s so scrummy. I do find that people are very free with their opinions when it comes to children! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst 🙂 x

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  10. I so wish people would not criticize the height and weight of babies, toddlers, children etc. They will have their whole adult lives to be judged. Wonderful to hear she is doing pushups and rolling over. So awesome to see their firsts! #famjamlinky

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  11. I think it can work both ways, Elsie was a big baby and the nurses went around all the little 6lb babies saying ooo how cute. Then got to my 8.5lb Elsie and only commented on her size, that made me sad. Then Elsies weight dropped after birth and the health visitors would make me feel sick with worry everytime we met, but my husband and I are small so she was just levelling out after her large birth weight. She was eating and was healthy in every respect so I just stopped taking her… to be looked upon as though your not feeding or over feeding is heart breaking. All babies are beautiful and they are their own little person.

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  12. My three kiddos were chucka monkas. Same thing: they were in 12 mo clothing by 5 months. People would comment that I was feeding them too much too! But, smaller babies get the unwanted comments from the other end of the spectrum, too. People hate to talk about weight, unless it is to a pregnant woman, a woman who just had her baby, and then about the babies themselves! ha.
    Thank you so much for linking up with #heymomma! Hope to see you again on Monday! 🙂

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  13. My “little” man was 11lb when he was born and he has always been on the 98th percentile in his chart. He’s constantly being told “you’re a big boy!” which I think is a little unfair, he’s almost 3 yrs old now and just looks like any regular toddler! #brilliantblogposts

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