Toddler Diaries | The “Bummie” Chair

Thetoddler diaries

Little N (aka Toddler) narrates her week:

1. I have named my baby sister’s chevron chair (well, it’s mine actually…every toy is mine): “the bummie chair”. This is why:

My favourite thing in the world is to be naked. I frequently put up a fight when mum insists I put on some clothes. After going pee, I generally put up a fight to put undies back on. At any point in the day I may feel the urge to just strip down. Or if I spill an extremely small amount of water on myself, I also must strip down. So, today, I was sitting in the chevron chair in the buff, when grandma tells me to put undies on because I’m getting the chair all “bummie”. And hence, “the bummie chair”.

Then mum asks, “why are you naked?”
And I respond with, “cuz I’m naked”

2. I hardly ever play by myself. It’s just not that fun without mum! But I decide to play by myself for a couple minutes today. While I’m playing with my toys, I see mum heading for the bathroom. I pretend I don’t see her go in. She leaves the door open. I take the opportunity to stop playing by myself and instead, pile all my toys into the bathroom with her. If she thinks she can get away with going to the bathroom by herself, she’s got another thing comin’!

3. I pick up a breast pad lying on the ground and I say to mum, “put this on your boob! [gives mum breast pad]” and then ask her “do you have boob in there? [points to mum’s boobs]. She looks at me weird. All I wanted to know is if there is boob in there?

4. I’m making a bunch of calls on my play phone today and this is how most of my convos go when I’m talking to ‘the lady’

Toddler: lady can you just come here ‘cuz my daughter is very very sick ‘cuz you gotta feed her soon
Toddler: okay
Toddler: but my car is dinging so I have to call the lady
[Hangs up]

(Mum’s note: our car has the front and rear sensors that go ding ding ding when you get too close to something…)

5. My mum was feeding my baby sister at the mall today. She was using a blanket to cover Baby M while she was eating on her boob. I couldn’t figure out why she was covering baby with a blanket so I naturally tried to remove the blanket. Mum kept refusing to let me take the blanket away. But I just want to see baby eating!

So I ask, “mum, can I see?”. She agrees, but says that she has to stay covered up so the people don’t see. She usually gets mad at me when I cover baby’s face with a blanket at home – why can she do it now? So, I let her know that, “I am people” and go off to find my snacks.

MummaknowsAnd then the fun began...

17 thoughts on “Toddler Diaries | The “Bummie” Chair

  1. Too funny! The things that come out of their little mouths and imaginations and how they process the world is really quite entertaining sometimes. But not while you’re trying to go to the bathroom. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X


  2. hehehehe What a fun post! I can relate to so many of these things as my kiddies did the same – trying to pull off the privacy blanket is not a great one lol Thanks so much for hosting #famjamlinky x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this! My kids love to be naked too and sometimes I would almost rather just let them run around in their underwear and leave less dirty clothes for me to have to wash. Thanks for hosting the #famjamlinky! See you tomorrow!


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