First Date Night After Baby

Six months after baby #2, we were having our first date night away from the kids. Our overnight bag was packed and I was on my way to pick up hubby from work.

I drove away from my household with grandma carrying Baby M on her hip and grandpa reading Toddler a book whilst she makes a fort out of the dozen burpers and blankets I had just nicely folded and will surely stay unfolded until I am cursing the world looking for them at some later date.

For the next 20 minutes I had to convince myself half a dozen times that I hadn’t forgotten the baby somewhere. And that it was okay to turn the volume up on the radio because I didn’t have those delicate little eardrums in the backseat.

My identity gets a little stripped away when I don’t have kids hanging off me. Especially on maternity leave and while breastfeeding, baby is almost never out of my sight. They are an extension of me for quite some time.

Without my little humans, without the seemingly 50lb stroller and almost equally heavy diaper bag, I feel a little light. Not just physically.

It’s a little freeing. To walk down the street with hubby, just like we used to. Pointing here or there at various things within view that we usually overlook. Casually talking about where we will go for dinner, but not worrying about the time. Oh gawd, not the time. We aren’t worried about the time tonight. There’s no dinner time, no bath time, no story time, no bed time. Just our time.

And it was glorious.

We talked about our travels before kids, the hubby and I. We planned our future over those plates of overly expensive but exquisitely delicious entrees. Wine was had. I could make four entire meals for the cost of that bottle of wine. But oh, was she a good one.


We basked in the opportunity to just watch other people walk by. Commenting on this or that and enjoying that we could both hear each other and say several full sentences without being interrupted. It was a quiet appreciation of listening only to each other.

Back at my parent’s apartment where we were staying for the night. We anticipate a completely amazing and utterly satisfying, full nights sleep. And a morning that doesn’t begin at 5am sharp.

We’d sleep so well, they said.

All of a sudden, it was 4am and I hadn’t slept a wink.

It was literally the hottest day of the summer. Or at least it felt like it. I was sweating and overheated and could not sleep no matter what I did. And when I couldn’t sleep, I started thinking of the kids. Was the baby sleeping? Was she crying? What if something happened to them? Did they miss us too much? Are we damaging their brains by being away?

I slept better when I had a newborn.

I woke up a couple hours later by a massive, massive, boob. (sorry, TMI). I had pumped the night before. But obviously baby does a better job because my boobs were screaming at me and resembled quite a large boob job.

I cursed the entire universe and dragged myself out of bed to pump.

No full nights sleep.

No sleep in.

We drive home. Happy with our night out together. Completely devastated by the lack of sleep.

Getting home is sure fun though. Little N comes in for a big hug and a smile so wide! She giggles when I pick her up like we haven’t seen each other in weeks. Then starts talking random gibberish. Turning to Baby M next, I can see all of her gums as she smiles so hard it looks like her cheeks will pop. She clings on like a koala bear and digs her nails into me. It hurts so so good.

Hey, Momma!Mummaknows

25 thoughts on “First Date Night After Baby

  1. We have never been able to do a night away but have done meals out. It is invaluable to get that time to talk in a way that we never do at home because of all the things that need attention. It was such a shame that you didn’t sleep though. I can see why though as when I have a night away I pretty much know my boys are fine because they are with my husband. It is strange to step away but also great. Lovely post.

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  2. It has been too long since we had a date night, with another baby on the way (due in October!) we keep forgetting. Before kids you’d wonder how you could forget something so important and now, everything else just seems to eclipse it until that one glorious night out…. but like yours, the evening seems to climax early and rapidly decline into some kind of awful baby withdrawal 🙂 What will we do when they grow up?? I guess that’s why we keep having more, I’m afraid to find out!

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  3. This was amazing! I’m so happy that you and your husband had such a fun night! When my husband and I have date night, sometimes we feel weird, like all we can talk about is our son! It’s such a crazy feeling but we love it! We also love that we miss him! THanks for sharing this!!!

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    • Definitely feel that way too!! We spent some time looking at photos and videos of the kids and we’re like….what are we doing? This is a night away from the little munchkins! Haha oh parenthood 🙂


  4. While I’m sorry you lost your promised night’s sleep I’m just a little but glad I’m not the only one who can’t sleep when I’m away from the kids! How long did it take you before you were looking at photos of them? For the hubs and me it’s usually about 20 minutes ! Love your post! ~Jennifer via #famjamlinky

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    • Oh, yes, that definitely happened hahah. It’s so funny – after a long day with the kids, we finally put them all to bed. Then lie in our own beds and get out the phone to look at the videos & pictures of the day. Silly parents, right? haha


  5. I really enjoyed reading this! It’s so typical that you wouldn’t get a nights sleep! And waking up with boobs about to burst, oh I remember that. I’m so glad everything else went so well, lovely conversation & food. It’s hard to leave them but so freeing when you are away & feeling light as you said. #famjamlinky x

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  6. That was an interesting read! I think we have all been there at some point. Had to smile to myself. Love the ending – best thing ever being a parent despite the lack of sleep 🙂 Thanks for sharing/hosting #FamJamLinky

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  7. YAY date night 🙂 love staying away once in a blue moon, we do tend to end up in bed early though. I hear you with the boob issue though haha! those days are over for me now :’-( #famjamlinky

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