2 Year Old | Teaching Independence


I realized this month that (at 2 years and 8 months) Little N has started to do a bunch of things by herself and I kind of love it. A tiny part of me is a little sad that toddlerhood is moving fast and this independence is just another step closer to her being a teenager and hating me. I’m being ridiculous, I know. But the thought probably crosses my mind once a day. As if tomorrow all of a sudden she’s going to need a training bra and I’ll have my ear to the ground making sure she isn’t sneaking out of the house. I knew myself as a teenager, and I’m thoroughly scared.

I digress.

Mostly, it just makes caring for two that much easier if she can do a few tidbits here and there for herself.

Here are some things she can do by herself and what I did to help facilitate that independence:

  • Gets a glass of water. I put some of her plastic cups in a lower drawer so she can grab her own and fill it up with the water from the fridge (the ones that have a button for water/ice on the outside door). She loves that she can do it herself and I love that she can do it herself! Even if she sometimes leaves the button running too long and it overflows…She starts crying when this happens (silent mummy laugh).
  • Pours a bowl of cereal. I put the cereal and some bowls in the lower cupboards so she can pour it herself. I do help with the milk though. It’s literally the only thing she wants in the morning. And to my surprise, she hasn’t spilled or overindulged with the pouring of the cereal yet. I’m pretty impressed.
  • Orders a water from the coffee shop (AKA Starbucks). It’s no fun if we all sit down with a drink and Little N doesn’t have any. So she always gets a water with a straw. Sometimes I forget to order it for her or I’m busy feeding the baby and can’t order it, so she has now learned to go up and order herself! The little munchkin stands up there and orders water, with me yelling in the background to make sure she says the “please and thank-yous”.
  • Puts her dirty dishes in the sink. After every meal she puts her dishes in the sink which is excellent for mummy! She sometimes even puts my plate up by the sink.
  • Puts on her shoes. Most of the time this works. Sometimes, we are halfway down the street before I realize that they are on the wrong feet.
  • Gets toys for her baby sister! I’m not sure if this counts for this list, but I must say, it is very very very helpful. When baby is crying, she now runs and gets toys for her to play with! Say whhhhhaaat. Yes. It happens. She doesn’t share. Don’t get me wrong. But she will get her different toys to play with.

So, what is your toddler doing by themselves these days?


10 thoughts on “2 Year Old | Teaching Independence

  1. It is hard to see them getting so independent. Bumbi will be 2 next month and we had to move her to a toddler bed this weekend, a little earlier than we had anticipated, because she started climbing out of her crib all by herself. Does that count as independence? She is also getting good about putting her dishes in the sink and putting her dirty laundry in her laundry basket. She isn’t quite as verbal yet, but her communication is getting better and better everyday. It is amazing how fast they grow up and get these big grown-up size personalities.

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    • Haha!! I’ve never had the climbing out problem because she was in a sleep sack from the beginning so couldn’t really work her legs into a climb. I didn’t realize it would help stop the climbing thing when I first started using the sack so it was kind of an added bonus when that stage came along! Ohh the laundry is another one too that helps eh! Rather than clothes strewn everywhere. It’s amazing when they start becoming chatty and having conversations and then telling you to go away!! Funny funny


  2. Love that she orders her drink in Starbucks – that’s brilliant! Mine does the toys for baby too! She has taken her clothes off this morning, does that count? She’s now wandering around the house naked, but she did do it by herself! #famjamlinky

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  3. It’s nice seeing our little toddlers being independent but at the same time it’s also worrying that they don’t need mummy any longer. My little girl at 2 & 4 months is already quite good in getting dressed, to the extent that she get dressed a couple of times a day… giving me loads of laundry to do, lol. #famjamlinky

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  4. Wow! That’s really great she can do so much! She’s very independent. My daughter is 2 & 1/2, she does a lot of those things but can’t put on her own shoes yet. It’s lovely to see them learning new things! #famjamlinky x

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    • The shoes are a big hit. Especially when I’m trying to get them all out the door and lugging a 30lb car seat on my arm and trying not to ding any of the doors! Then it’s nice to just be like: pick your shoes and put them on and lets gooooo 🙂 Thanks for linking


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