The Baby Ate What?!

baby ate what

Baby M has just woken up from her afternoon nap. I take her out of her crib and head downstairs to change her diaper.

Downstairs, I lay her on the ground beside her play mat and changing station. The changing station consists of a couple of diapers and wipes piled up on the ground in the family room.

I open up her diaper and notice a tiny little nugget poop in there. She’s just started solids so her poo is getting a bit more…well, solid. I put on a new diaper and continue to throw the used diaper away. I then put her on the play mat, not far from where I changed her.

Then I return to the kitchen where I have made a batch of apple sauce to freeze in individual portions for her. The kitchen, dining, and family area in our house is basically one big long room, so I can see Baby M from where I’m standing in the kitchen.

Once I finish putting away her apple sauce, I return to the family room to check on how she is doing. She’s not quite crawling yet so I’m not surprised when she’s only moved about an inch.

She’s oddly quiet though.

And she’s playing with something. I can’t quite make out what it is. It’s something small…

I’m standing over her and I realize in complete horror that she is playing with a poop nugget!!!


I grab the pieces out of her hand and realize she’s moving her mouth up and down in a chewing motion. And there’s brown/yellow colour smeared on her cheeks.

Good lord. She has eaten poop.

I had to wash her hands three times to get the poop smell out.

The poop must have fallen out of her diaper while I was rolling it up and throwing it in the trash.

So, yes. The baby ate poop. But it was very organic, no sugar added, non-gmo, gluten free poop. And she seemed pretty happy about it.

It could be worse – right??


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