Teaching Kids About Money (DIY Spend & Save Jars)

Spend and save jars

I have to start off by saying these jars are a complete knock-off from The Crafty Mummy Blog. She has some amazing, creative stuff on there. You have to check out her website.

I thought these jars were a great idea for teaching our small humans that everything in life costs money Except maybe slightly less melodramatic than that. But I definitely hope I can teach both my girls how to save and the concept of interest and all that (because instead of learning these types of things in high school, they’ll be learning about algebra and other silly, far too complicated math skills that really don’t play into everyday life).

I acknowledge that I may be ever so slightly premature on this saving and spending business with my nearly three year old. The jars are so cute though?

And anyways, Little N always gets a little bit of change here and there from relatives and now she can have a jar for her own spending even if I sneak most of it out and put it into her education fund or spend it on my daily Starbucks habit…….(I DO NOT do that!)

We’ll use them someday soon. And I will tell her how some of the money she earns needs to be saved and some she can spend for herself.



And I also got some felt fabric sheets (for very cheap, may I add – the pink sheets were 7 cents each!) and tule for more artsy projects with Little N.


Someone needs to pinterest me some ideas for toddler arts & crafts with felt!



8 thoughts on “Teaching Kids About Money (DIY Spend & Save Jars)

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  2. Super cute! I love the idea, especially starting them young. Little CB got a piggy (elephant) bank with his name engraved on it for his baby shower; talk about starting early! I can’t put anything in it yet because he’s still in the ‘lets see how this tastes’ stage and that scares me, but as soon as he kicks the habit I want to get him started on learning the value of money!! 🙂 #famjamlinky

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  3. It’s never too early to learn about money! I wish I would have saved more, I began babysitting, cleaning house when I was 11 or 12 and began working in a restaurant at 13, I wish I would have put half of it away and had it plus the interest when I got older! Good for you.


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