Where’s the #famjamlinky This Week?

Okay, friends. Thanks for stopping by, but we (Handbags & Snot Rags and I) have decided to take a break from the #famjamlinky.

I originally created this blog at the start of my maternity leave (for baby #2) because I wanted a hobby for myself. I wanted something outside of my family life that was just for me. In the absence of work, I also wanted to have something that kept my brain going a little.

So things started out great. I wrote some posts that I was proud of. I shared my stories, what I was going through, and what projects I was working on. 59 posts and 10 weeks of hosting a linky later; I’m feeling the drag.

In the beginning, I participated in every linky out there. I had fun getting to know other bloggers. Commenting and linkys are truly a great way to make blogging friends. Then my own linky started, and week by week I found I had less and less time to participate in any other linkys. I eventually stopped participating in them at all. Then I started to feel a little time constrained trying to get a post out before my linky went live. Then I started to resent the linky because I didn’t really like having those deadlines for my hobby. My hobby was supposed to be relaxing and something I wanted to do. Not something I felt forced to do.

But the thing is. I hate to quit anything. I blame my parents who never let me quit anything without seeing it through. So it took me a few weeks to admit to myself that the hosting thing wasn’t for me and that it was okay to step back and try something else.

So, after all that, now you know why I’ve decided to stop hosting this linky. I still hope you will stop by for a visit once in a while but I will be slowing down on the blogging for a bit as well. Life is getting busy.

To all the bloggers who participated in this linky – thank you for being a part of it!

To all the bloggers hosting linkys out there – hats off to you!!


4 thoughts on “Where’s the #famjamlinky This Week?

  1. I’ll miss the #famjamlinky! Still, I find it difficult just keeping up with joining in with all the linkys, let alone running one, so I can understand why you don’t want to keep doing it! It was a lovely linky – well done & thanks for hosting. x


  2. I just started doing linkys and this was my first and one of my favorites! Thanks so much for hosting it! I’ve just been joining 2-3 a week and can’t imagine how time consuming it would be to do more than that and also host one! I hope your fun hobby becomes a fun hobby again. 🙂


  3. I have really enjoyed getting to know you, I hope this gives you the time you need, I will keep my eye on you, don’t want to lose track of you and how you’re doing! xx


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