Parenting: Before & After the Internet


How did we survive before the internet? Certainly our parenting was far more driven by our own intuition than by that of our good friend Mr. Google. I suppose there were those things called parenting books that people could read.

“You are so lucky to have the internet,” my mom will often tell me. This is after I express to her that I’m refusing to give my kid juice before middle school because I’ve read somewhere on the internet that it’s a no-no. Or that my toddler won’t be wearing a winter jacket in her car seat because I’ve now seen the 12th video on how it could one day save her life.

How did this information get communicated so quickly before? Beats me.

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A Lesson in Judging Other Moms | Real Life Guilt


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It has been a month since my last post. Life has gotten pretty busy – as they do.

Then this happened the other day. And I felt the urge to write about it.

I went to the park by our house for the 1000th time. It was one of those particularly repetitive days of motherhood. You know the ones.

Baby, Toddler, and I walked up to the park and headed for the swings. Consistently, the first stop on every trip to the park.

I catch the eye of the only other mom there, with her two toddlers and a baby strapped to her chest.

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Teaching Kids About Money (DIY Spend & Save Jars)

Spend and save jars

I have to start off by saying these jars are a complete knock-off from The Crafty Mummy Blog. She has some amazing, creative stuff on there. You have to check out her website.

I thought these jars were a great idea for teaching our small humans that everything in life costs money Except maybe slightly less melodramatic than that. But I definitely hope I can teach both my girls how to save and the concept of interest and all that (because instead of learning these types of things in high school, they’ll be learning about algebra and other silly, far too complicated math skills that really don’t play into everyday life).

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Baby’s First Food! (Week 1)


Baby has officially tasted something other than boob milk. And other than her sister’s fingers, or the lint on the floor, or that thing she ate that shall not be mentioned.

I painstakingly make all her food myself. No, it’s really not that bad. Most of the time I make a bunch of food and freeze it so it’s almost the same convenience as having store bought. Kind of.

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Picking Up Mums At Starbucks (Are Anti-Vaxxers Horrible?)


I usually pick up mums at the local Starbucks here. It’s the best place to meet them. You know you have a mutual love for coffee and spend a ridiculous amount on it, probably daily. And you also immediately have other little humans that can entertain your little humans.

I think this mum actually picked me up this time. We were standing in line and she asked how old my daughter was. Then the universal mum talk came out as we immediately had a million things in common to chat about.

We barely got through our orders as we tried to dish out things about our kids and discuss how mum life both sucks (I’m so tired) and is awesome (look at that adorable smile).

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The Baby Ate What?!

baby ate what

Baby M has just woken up from her afternoon nap. I take her out of her crib and head downstairs to change her diaper.

Downstairs, I lay her on the ground beside her play mat and changing station. The changing station consists of a couple of diapers and wipes piled up on the ground in the family room.

I open up her diaper and notice a tiny little nugget poop in there. She’s just started solids so her poo is getting a bit more…well, solid. I put on a new diaper and continue to throw the used diaper away. I then put her on the play mat, not far from where I changed her.

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Homemade Baby Food | Tips For Make Ahead Meals So It Seems Like Less Work


Toddler can’t even control herself around this baby food. She hovers around the baby until she is done and then asks to eat the leftovers. Even licking the plate. I tell her that our food is so much better! She gets to eat pasta, hamburgers, wraps, and even dessert! But she would rather have mashed up, bland, simple baby food. I guess it’s back to basics.

We have started with some simple homemade recipes for baby. In order to make life a little less crazy, I do a couple things that make preparing home made baby food a little easier:

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