Why You Should Start Baby Sleep Training Early to Avoid CIO

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Baby sleep training or Crying it Out Methods have become topics of contention in online mommy wars. In my most humble opinion, many in the opposing category tend to take crying it out or sleep training to the extreme. Arguing that it isn’t natural to sleep train. It is just downright cruel to place a baby in their crib and walk away, while baby screams, and expect baby to peacefully go to sleep.

I don’t think any parent literally drops their baby in a crib, places a light kiss on their forehead, and casually walks out waving adios as baby screams with eyes that plead for one last cuddle.

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I Am The Mum Who….

im-the-mum-who-400x399Thanks to Simple Life Mummy for nominating me to write a post titled ‘I am the Mum who…’.

This is for my two baby girls – 2 and a half and 5 months old.

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Divorce & Custody: What Are Your Options When One Parent Takes a Child? (Part 2)

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There are so many questions that go unanswered in a separation. Maybe that is why it’s so tough to get over – everything seems so unresolved. Even after going to court. Or maybe even more so after going to court. Where people get up on the stand and lie. Or they paint their story a little better than you did.

I was really sad for the dad of the child this past Father’s Day. It was the first Father’s Day he spent not being a father.

Because I have children of my own and because I know that unfathomable love you feel for your children. I just don’t understand how he gets through a day without being angry that the mom just took his child.

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Newborn Baby Robins Video


My in-laws live on a farm so they often send lots of books and toys related to the ‘Old McDonald’ theme. And, we don’t get to visit them often so they send videos of their farm and tractors so us city-slickers can get a feel for the farm.

The latest is this adorable video of a mum Robin and her babies in their nest. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Just the most amazing display of nature mixed with the cutest little baby Robins. You have to watch!

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Divorce & Family Separation: Sharing my Story (Part 1)

Someone in my extended family went through a separation. A child under a year old was involved along with a mom who wanted to live in a different part of the country from where the family was originally living. The mom ended up taking the child without warning and never returned with it. It has now been over a year since we (the extended family) and the father has seen the child.

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