#FamJamLinky | Link Up Your Family Posts #9

Welcome to week #9 of the #famjamlinky! Link up your family related posts about your kids, yourself, parenting, tough times, good times, everyday times! Handbags & Snot Rags and I cohost this linky every Wednesday.

Favourite post from last week was by Cuddle Fairy who wrote about promoting creativity with her kids. It reminded me to try find things around the house (or close to the house) to use for arts and crafts with my kids.

As for my week: My kids are too young for school so we had quite an uneventful week. Besides traffic being really busy, everyday is still the same. #lifeofamum, am I right? I am requesting points for creativity though since I made these little jars for toddler-money-saving just for fun and cleaned up from the disaster that was the in-laws visit.

Want to get to know me better? Here’s 10 questions answered (The Liebster Award!)

On to the linky:
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Teaching Kids About Money (DIY Spend & Save Jars)

Spend and save jars

I have to start off by saying these jars are a complete knock-off from The Crafty Mummy Blog. She has some amazing, creative stuff on there. You have to check out her website.

I thought these jars were a great idea for teaching our small humans that everything in life costs money Except maybe slightly less melodramatic than that. But I definitely hope I can teach both my girls how to save and the concept of interest and all that (because instead of learning these types of things in high school, they’ll be learning about algebra and other silly, far too complicated math skills that really don’t play into everyday life).

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The Liebster Award


What is the Liebster Award? I had the same question when I first started blogging. And I always wondered, how can I get that kind of love?

And here we are, nominated by Emma’s Mamma (‏@emmasmammablog) a few weeks months ago! Thank you! I’ve finally learned that the Liebster Award is a way to get to know newer-ish bloggers and to encourage other new-ish bloggers to participate.

To be honest, I don’t like writing about myself. Bios take me ages to write. I think I’m far too brutally honest, I sound silly most of the time, and I also tend to be a little wordy. But getting an award is kind of fun so I guess I’ll suck it up!

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#FamJamLinky | Link Up Your Family Posts #8

Here we are at another Wednesday and week #8 of the #famjamlinky! Handbags & Snot Rags and I cohost this linky every Wednesday for all your family related posts – your kids, yourself, parenting, tough times, good times, everyday times!

Favourite post from last week was by The Hollyhock Door with Do You Have To Hug? I hope to teach my daughter kindness and manners and empathy, but she can show them in other ways if she doesn’t want to hug. Or she can choose to hug if that is what she wants to do with her body. Great read if you’re interested.

As for my week: The in-laws came for a semi-surprise visit – did I love it or hate it? Then, on the weekend, the hubs and I went on a little overnight retreat – sans kids – and he proposed! It’s kind of weird since I call him husband already and now he’s just my fiancee….

Anyways, we are way behind on EVERYTHING! Huge piles of clean and not-clean laundry, no food, a messy kitchen/house/life/kids, bags still lying packed from the weekend, zero blog posts written, but that ring though – it’s so sparkly and distracting.

Moving on! Here we are:
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Surviving the In-Laws (Love it or Hate it?)

That title sounds rather formidable. Maybe it should read more like “how do I survive hosting guests for multiple nights while keeping my children, myself, and my household alive”.

My husband’s parents arrived the middle of last week to stay for five days. On the one hand, I was ecstatic that they could come see Baby M while she’s so young and hear Little N tell stories over and over again about random things like how the power went out at her daycare four months ago. Skype just doesn’t quite cut it after a while.

On the other hand, I hate playing host. Some people are amazing at hosting. I will be the first to admit, that is just not me.

Here is what I don’t like about hosting:
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#FamJamLinky | Link Up Your Family Posts #7

This is week #7 of the #famjamlinky! Handbags & Snot Rags and I cohost this linky every Wednesday for all your family related posts – your kids, yourself, parenting, tough times, good times, everyday times!

Favourite post from last week was by ‘Silly Mummy’ at R is for Hoppit who always writes the most entertaining and hilarious musings of her toddler and baby. This one was about her toddler being politically incorrect – I think we have all been there!

As for my week: I picked up a new mum-friend at Starbucks and she made a comment about anti-vaxxers that really intrigued me. I also wrote a bit about Baby M’s first encounter with food and the horrible thing she ate the other day.

Hope you all are having a great week: time for linky!
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Baby’s First Food! (Week 1)


Baby has officially tasted something other than boob milk. And other than her sister’s fingers, or the lint on the floor, or that thing she ate that shall not be mentioned.

I painstakingly make all her food myself. No, it’s really not that bad. Most of the time I make a bunch of food and freeze it so it’s almost the same convenience as having store bought. Kind of.

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