Homemade Baby Food | Tips For Make Ahead Meals So It Seems Like Less Work


Toddler can’t even control herself around this baby food. She hovers around the baby until she is done and then asks to eat the leftovers. Even licking the plate. I tell her that our food is so much better! She gets to eat pasta, hamburgers, wraps, and even dessert! But she would rather have mashed up, bland, simple baby food. I guess it’s back to basics.

We have started with some simple homemade recipes for baby. In order to make life a little less crazy, I do a couple things that make preparing home made baby food a little easier:

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I Am The Mum Who….

im-the-mum-who-400x399Thanks to Simple Life Mummy for nominating me to write a post titled ‘I am the Mum who…’.

This is for my two baby girls – 2 and a half and 5 months old.

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To My Friends Without Kids:

To friends without kids

We used to travel a lot, leave the house without a fight and without worrying about nap time or snacks or whether our toddler will have a melt down.

Becoming a mother has meant lot of things, and one of those things has been losing old friends who don’t have kids and gaining new mommy friends.

I love how you can go up to any mom and immediately have something to talk about and bond over. Mom’s have this mutual understanding that we love our babies unconditionally, and that they always come first.

And mostly, moms just know what life with kids is like.

Like how you shouldn’t really come over during those sacred nap times and you most likely have to be home to put the kids to bed by 6pm. And that you are probably in bed shortly after that yourself (or at least you want to be).

It’s not that I don’t miss my old friends. I do. I miss all those good times and memories that go along with it. But there are just some things you don’t understand about my life now. And I’m not blaming you…one day you will know what I mean.

So, to my friends without kids, this is what I need you to know:

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