My everyday lunch: quick salad that satisfies all your foodie cravings

Looking back when I had only one kid to look after, I really felt like I was so busy and had no time. But I realize now with two that I realllyyyy have no time.

And I’m always hungry. The breastfeeding hunger pains I call ’em (still breastfeeding my 3 month old). So, I’ve started making an everyday-lunch that satisfies all my cravings (salty, sweet, tangy).


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Mushroom Chicken (hidden veggies for picky toddlers!)


Since becoming a mom of two, I almost never feel like cooking. And I certainly never feel like planning out meals. Who am I kidding…that sentiment was felt long before kids!

It is always this endless dilemma of deciding what we will have for dinner. Why must I always be the one to have to decide this? My husband will ask: “so, what are we going to make for dinner,” as if the ‘we’ means that he will have some hand in what dinner will be and how it will be made.

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