2 Year Old | Teaching Independence


I realized this month that (at 2 years and 8 months) Little N has started to do a bunch of things by herself and I kind of love it. A tiny part of me is a little sad that toddlerhood is moving fast and this independence is just another step closer to her being a teenager and hating me. I’m being ridiculous, I know. But the thought probably crosses my mind once a day. As if tomorrow all of a sudden she’s going to need a training bra and I’ll have my ear to the ground making sure she isn’t sneaking out of the house. I knew myself as a teenager, and I’m thoroughly scared.

I digress.

Mostly, it just makes caring for two that much easier if she can do a few tidbits here and there for herself.

Here are some things she can do by herself and what I did to help facilitate that independence:

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Yes, My 5 Month Old is in 12 Month Clothing


My toddler has taken over the ‘mum’ role for Baby M. She shushes her, pats her belly when she’s crying, hugs her, gives her kisses, occasionally licks her head. That kind of stuff. The eye poking has generally stopped though which is good for baby. It’s definitely the kind of stuff I’m trying to catch on video for future laughs!

Little baby M is also not so little anymore. She still seems little to me but she’s over 18lbs of pure butter ball baby. That’s over 100th percentile for weight on the growth chart. That growth chart means nothing to me though. I say that because my babies were both too big to even be marked on the curve. And both were 100% breast fed. I’m not sure why we seem so abnormal in the chart-world!

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2 Year Old & 4 Month Old


We have had some pretty busy, amazingly funny and cuddly times since #2 was born. And might as well throw ‘tired as hell’ in there too.

For me – well I perpetually smell like baby puke/spit up/old milk. My first was a puker. And I’ve been blessed with a second puker as well. When I put on a freshly washed pair of shorts. Puke finds them. When I make the choice to actually wash my hair (not very often), puke finds those freshly washed strands. I get about 10 minutes of smelling like a normal person. I do hope a bit of that fresh baby smell rubs off on me though.

Come to think of it, husband came home the other day and gave me a hug and said that I smell like a mixture of that beautiful baby smell mixed with stale puke. Not sure if that quite says romance.

For the 2 1/2 year old little N:

  • Toddlers just get funnier and funnier with age. Her favourite thing this week is the garbage truck. She claims the garbage truck is her favourite toy and wants to go find the truck so we can wave at the garbage men.

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