Before & After: Antique Silverware Holder

This piece of furniture is probably 30+ years old. It was my great uncle’s. And it’s meant to hold silverware! That’s it. Just silverware. For all of us who have 20lbs of silver cutlery lying around, it’s perfect. Not a useless piece of furniture at all. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Naturally, I had to paint it. It was a kind of reddish wood colour that matched absolutely nothing in my house before. My plan was to go with an all-over medium grey paint colour in a shiny finish. When I went to Home Depot to pick up some grey paint, this was the colour they gave me. Not so much grey so I’m kind of perplexed. But I’m still into it. It actually looks like an antique white so it really suits the piece.

And, since I love ‘before and after’ photos (when I actually remember to take a before photo), here they are:

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Tips for Painting Furniture


Painting furniture is like therapy for me. Most people would say that about a hobby like gardening. But I enjoy turning a piece of furniture, old or new, into something unique. It is something I can work on as a project of my very own. That doesn’t involve work, or my husband, or my kids. Just me.

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New Items for Toddler Room (DIY Table Makeover)

I found this adorable little table at a garage sale for $20! I envision it in baby “M’s” room, my 3 month old.

There is something about setting up her room ‘just so’ to emulate that beautiful baby/toddler room (think Pinterest) before it either (1) gets destroyed by little hands, or (2) gets destroyed by child wanting it to reflect her decisions and not yours. So, I will relish in the chance I still have to pretty up her room the way I want to.

The table needed some TLC so I gave it a coat of white paint and spray painted the hardware black. It’s imperfect in a lot of ways but that adds to the character.

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