Moving From Free Blog to Self Hosted | What To Expect


A few days ago I wrote about the Pros & Cons of a Hosted (free) Site which outlines my reasons for switching to a self-hosted site. At that point, I had purchased a plan with a hosting company and was on my way to my very own self-hosted blog.

The main objectives I wanted out of a hosting company were:
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Pros & Cons of a Hosted (free) Blog


I’m several months into blogging on my free, hosted, WordPress site. I’ve passed the point where I’m not sure if I like blogging, not sure if I have time for it, or not sure if I want to continue it. I enjoy that this is my own little project and I want to move forward with having a little more freedom styling my blog.

Now that I have decided to continue blogging, I have realized several glaring downsides with being on a hosted blog which ultimately brought me to the decision to transfer to a self-hosted blog.

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