Where’s the #famjamlinky This Week?

Okay, friends. Thanks for stopping by, but we (Handbags & Snot Rags and I) have decided to take a break from the #famjamlinky.

I originally created this blog at the start of my maternity leave (for baby #2) because I wanted a hobby for myself. I wanted something outside of my family life that was just for me. In the absence of work, I also wanted to have something that kept my brain going a little.

So things started out great. I wrote some posts that I was proud of. I shared my stories, what I was going through, and what projects I was working on. 59 posts and 10 weeks of hosting a linky later; I’m feeling the drag.
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#wineandboobs Linky For Your Fave Posts

This week I am the guest host for the #wineandboobs linky with Rod from Modern Dad Pages!

#wineandboobs was one of the first linkys I participated in when I started blogging. Now, I’m pretty excited to be a guest host and to connect with all you bloggers out there!

The theme of #wineandboobs is the same each week, link your favourite post! It can be an old or new post. Last week was #wineandboobs best week yet! 🙂 Thank you all so much for linking up! You make my week and the posts are all so great to read


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