I Am The Mum Who….

im-the-mum-who-400x399Thanks to Simple Life Mummy for nominating me to write a post titled ‘I am the Mum who…’.

This is for my two baby girls – 2 and a half and 5 months old.

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Am I More of a Woman Before or After Kids?


Since being either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last three and a half years, I haven’t really spent a lot of money on clothes. Or bought many clothes at all for that matter. Why bother when I’m a new size every month? I didn’t bother with maternity clothes since I am far to cheap frugal to buy pricey maternity clothing for just a few months of my life. So, the majority of my ‘regular’ clothes have been stretched by a pregnant belly and washed too often because of baby puke.

So my mission today was to buy some new clothes for myself. I recently purged quite a bit of old clothing out of my closet too. I am going through a phase where anything lying around the house just needs to be thrown out. Including clothes I hadn’t put on my body for more than a year or, in general, anything that is just too old to look presentable in public.

Off to the clothing store I went. I get in there and notice that the music is blaring some extremely odd club music. I kind of want to laugh at it and half-heartedly search around for another mom to crack a joke about it. I didn’t find another mom in the store, and all the sales associates looked like they were still in high school. I somehow didn’t think they would understand.

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Mom, You Are My Hero

Dear, Mom

Dear Mom,

How did you survive three kids under two years old?

I know Father’s Day just happened, but I kind of missed thanking you on Mother’s Day. Sorry about that. I was too caught up with my own lil’ munchkins that I forgot to thank you for being my rock!

Thank you for carrying me and my brother in your tummy. I’m sorry for the stretch marks and the extra weight you put on carrying us twins.

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