Parenting: Before & After the Internet


How did we survive before the internet? Certainly our parenting was far more driven by our own intuition than by that of our good friend Mr. Google. I suppose there were those things called parenting books that people could read.

“You are so lucky to have the internet,” my mom will often tell me. This is after I express to her that I’m refusing to give my kid juice before middle school because I’ve read somewhere on the internet that it’s a no-no. Or that my toddler won’t be wearing a winter jacket in her car seat because I’ve now seen the 12th video on how it could one day save her life.

How did this information get communicated so quickly before? Beats me.

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A Lesson in Judging Other Moms | Real Life Guilt


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It has been a month since my last post. Life has gotten pretty busy – as they do.

Then this happened the other day. And I felt the urge to write about it.

I went to the park by our house for the 1000th time. It was one of those particularly repetitive days of motherhood. You know the ones.

Baby, Toddler, and I walked up to the park and headed for the swings. Consistently, the first stop on every trip to the park.

I catch the eye of the only other mom there, with her two toddlers and a baby strapped to her chest.

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How the Story Really Goes Introducing Your Child to Your New Baby


I dreamed of the moment when my daughter would meet her baby sister. It would be magical. I had visions of the hospital room when big sister would timidly peer in at the new baby. Being shy at first, but curious. Maybe reaching out to touch baby or just staring at her in amazement. Then sitting with me to hold her and cuddle in and cherish the start of our four-person family.

Yah, it didn’t quite happen like that.

Here is how it really went down:

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Mommy/pregnancy brain: I can’t remember anything….


To give you an idea of how bad my mommy brain is:

During a 4am feed a few nights ago, I thought of writing about some of the silly things my sleep-deprived self has been doing lately (aka mommy brain). And for the following few days, I couldn’t remember what I wanted to write about! It took me two days to remember that I wanted to talk about this. TWO DAYS! OMG.

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My everyday lunch: quick salad that satisfies all your foodie cravings

Looking back when I had only one kid to look after, I really felt like I was so busy and had no time. But I realize now with two that I realllyyyy have no time.

And I’m always hungry. The breastfeeding hunger pains I call ’em (still breastfeeding my 3 month old). So, I’ve started making an everyday-lunch that satisfies all my cravings (salty, sweet, tangy).


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