How the Story Really Goes Introducing Your Child to Your New Baby


I dreamed of the moment when my daughter would meet her baby sister. It would be magical. I had visions of the hospital room when big sister would timidly peer in at the new baby. Being shy at first, but curious. Maybe reaching out to touch baby or just staring at her in amazement. Then sitting with me to hold her and cuddle in and cherish the start of our four-person family.

Yah, it didn’t quite happen like that.

Here is how it really went down:

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Baby Sleep Training

Sleep Training Basics

I’m not a sleep training specialist by any means, but I have trained two babies to sleep through the night from 2-3 months and I am sharing that experience with you! All babies are different, so even if this plan doesn’t work for you, it will help you formulate a plan of your own that does work for you and your baby.

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Baby Sleep: Guidelines to get them sleeping!


“Putting your baby down drowsy but not completely asleep”

This will be the death of me. Seriously, how does one actually do this?

We spend nine months growing these lovely human beings, literally growing their body. We endure an excruciatingly painful labour spanning long hours in order to push them into this world. And mother nature doesn’t even bother to give us a moment of rest before diving directly into the next 18 years of nurturing, teaching, and caring for these little monkeys? I would like to order one 12 hour night of sleep, please.

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