I Am The Mum Who….

im-the-mum-who-400x399Thanks to Simple Life Mummy for nominating me to write a post titled ‘I am the Mum who…’.

This is for my two baby girls – 2 and a half and 5 months old.

I am the mum who…

  • who didn’t love being pregnant even though I miss those baby kicks now
  • who can’t get enough cuddles. And will even bribe you for hugs and kisses
  • who will giggle with you and encourage you to be silly
  • who didn’t give you an ice cream cone until you were 2 and a half. And laughed with you when you didn’t know what you should do with the cone
  • who threatens that I’ll leave the house without you just so you will actually put some clothes on
  • who sometimes bribes you with food so that you will let me do your hair
  • who takes pictures and videos of you all the time because I’m scared these years will go too quick
  • who will encourage you to try things on your own so you can learn that life is about falling and getting right back up again
  • who will encourage you to laugh and teach you that you can’t take life too seriously
  • who will teach you how to find answers rather than simple giving you the answers
  • who is marvelled daily by how fiercely she loves you

I love you my baby girls!

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16 thoughts on “I Am The Mum Who….

  1. Aw lovely! Judging by the grandmothers threats and promises our tot will be one the first time he’s give an ice cream cone. I’d rather he was two and a half!


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  2. This is a lovely post. I didn’t get to enjoy pregnancy as I was unwell during it, but it was so worth it and the cuddles are wonderful. I admire honest posts like this. Angela x

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